2014 RF Supercross: Arlington

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2014 RF Supercross: Arlington

Post by Kdav53 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:00 pm

Arlington...aka Dallas

  • 250cc:
  • Aj Norris | 58th with a 58.953
  • Ty Brakefield | 59th with a 59.078
  • Evan DeLesDernier | 63rd with a 59.273
  • Nathan "Fudd" Faletti | 74th with a 1:00.281
  • Kevin Davis | 80th with a 1:00.781
  • Jerry Williams | 114th with a 1:12.640
  • 450cc:
  • Brandon Berg | 33rd with a 56.171
Well normally I do a breakdown for each individual race but for this week I chose to simply write it all out in one thing...mainly because I would be copy and pasting for each race.

Well after qualifying Berg was the only one to make it to the 'night' program and to be honest it looked like Berg was confident with his riding on this track. When it came to the racing though this was not the case.


For each race Berg was just not himself. He was making mistakes left and right, some not his fault but still. Although he showed some moments of brilliance in the semi race it went away as quickly as it came.


Needless to say Berg did not make the main for Arlington. One positive note of this whole night was the nice punt that Berg had on Matt James in the LCQ.

Final Thoughts:
I was happy to see a lot of us attempting to race RF this week...although only one of us made it, it was still great to see how our team is progressing. For the lites class I have a strong feeling that we will have people making it into the night program by time this season is over. For the 450 class although Berg isn't getting the best of results he's still qualifying and the best part of that is he is getting experience. I want to emphasize that because it's his rookie season up in pro class. Anytime he is racing he is learning which will make him faster every week. I can't wait to see how he develops throughout the season and moves up in points.

Berg is in 38th with 8 points.
    • Made the RF Night Program - 2014 St. Louis
      • Pulled a Berg and Won the warmup lap

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