2013 MLO Winter Series

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2013 MLO Winter Series

Post by Kdav53 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:22 pm

Well tonight we started the adventure for the 1st ever MLO series Winter Series. This series is a brand new one and the people running got their cherries popped on being host and although there were some hiccups it went pretty smooth for the first round.

Now onto racing there was some god damn good action happening tonight. In the 125/250f race it came down to cuts for Cromie to get the win over Byron. We did have a fellow Twismoto member in this race and it was Nobrega who ended up finishing a solid 11th. He could have done better if he would have remembered that he signed up for this class and not the 450's. Because of this mistake he was placed on a cr125...needless to say he didn't have enough power to do the rythms he wanted to do.
With the 450 action we had a 1st for Twistmoto. Our very own Brandon Berg finished on the podium tonight with an amazing 3rd place finish! We also had Mac Zuest in the race who finished 8th after dealing with some severe suspension issues.

All in all I'd say it was a great first round for Twistmoto not only for our racers involved but for Clay who built this track that created the great racing. Now onto round two were Berg will try to take control of the points lead...hopefully Clay will give him and us the track to help "beta" test it for him to make the track even better for the racing :twisted: lol
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