The MX Simulator thread

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The MX Simulator thread

Postby JensenBreck » Wed Apr 04, 2018 1:57 am

Hello All,

So there seems to be some MX sim fans on vital. I tried it out a few years ago and then just gave it up because it was so hard and frustrating. I decided about 3 months ago to give it a real go and I haven't stopped since. It's still very frustrating most of the time but I do like the freedom of the game. Also having a track editor is huge for me. Love making tracks. Hope to release some sometime soon. Anyways, what are some of the best tracks out there? Or your favorites? Also, I know there are other members on here that would probably like to "payback" all the times MX Sim players have hijacked other video game threads but let's not do the same thing, k?
Please help.

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