Serious Audio Issues

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Serious Audio Issues

Postby JensenBreck » Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:46 am

I have spent hours trying to fix my audio on my computer tonight with no avail, so I'm reaching out here hoping that someone can offer me some kind of helpful troubleshooting that I haven't tried yet.
Initially I have had my speakers, which are fairly new, plugged into a rear jack labeled "sub"...and I'm actually using bass speakers along with a sub for music that are all one unit of external speakers. Since the newer Windows 10 update about a week ago...that jack stopped working. It seems almost as if the computer isn't even able to detect a device being plugged in that jack at all. My initial "fix" was to roll back to the previous Windows Update...which didn't fix my sub jack but did resolve other issues I was having (mainly my computer not being able to be awoken after going into screensaver..I literally had to hard shut down my computer and start back up to use my computer....) BUT I digress....besides rolling back the update I really just decided to plug my speakers into my headphone jack via the left panel of my computer and it honestly worked great.
Today I noticed that the configuration panel for my Beats Audio that came with my computer had various settings grayed out. I thought to myself "maybe my device driver is out of date and that is what is causing my jack/configuration issues. I'm really good at staying on top of updating my drivers so it took no time at all for me to realize this was NOT the problem. I looked up some videos related to Windows 10 update issues regarding sound/audio drivers. I ended up following a video that suggested I go to "" and reinstall my audio driver after uninstalling my current one. I did so and restarted my computer.

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