Welcome to TwistMoto Racing

TwistMoto Racing was established August of 2012 as a single man venture. It has now become one of the better known teams in the MX Simulator community, and has developed into a small community of its own with 10 active team members.

If you are looking to join TwistMoto Racing please visit TwistMoto Racing Forums and take a look at the rules in the Sponsorship Section.

Download the custom TwistMoto gear and bikes here:

TwistMoto Racing Release


Twistmoto Racing Server 19800 Tracks

2013 Johnson Mine MX

2013 Red Mesa

2010 Red Bud

Uddevalla Grand Prix 2012

Portland MX

Pirulo MX

TwistMoto Racing Server 19801 Tracks

2014 National Tracks

TwistMoto Racing Server 19802 Tracks

2014 Supercross Tracks

TwistMoto Racing Server 19803 Tracks

2015 Supercross Tracks (Current Race)

TwistMoto Racing Server 19804 Tracks